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About Us

We Value Individuality Here!!!

Are you a fashionista who is tired of seeing the same clothing in every store and wants something new? Are you a business woman who is looking to make a statement at your next conference? Are you someone who is looking for the perfect outfit for your birthday or other special occasion? Well, you've come to the right place!

DM Collections is a Los Angeles based fashion brand specializing in statement pieces. We promote individuality and living in your purpose. Our mission is to bring out the best you through our pieces and deliver unique high fashion apparel to our valued clients. We can create most things here, but we primarily specialize in creating high end streetwear and "wearable couture" pieces tailored to your very own needs! We also offer a wide variety of one-off pieces in various sizes and styles as shown through our Instagram, @shop.dmcollections. Designer Daria Mason has over twelve years of experience in garment construction and carefully sources and designs all pieces under our brand. She takes inspiration primarily from music, nature, architecture and historic fashion to create our statement lines.

With no sweatshops, no harsh labor, and no destruction to the environment, our small batch brand currently makes everything in-house! If you are requesting a custom order, please allow at least 4 weeks for us to create the garment so that we are able to deliver polished work. Want an outfit readymade? Shop DM Collections latest looks on Depop now!

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Welcome to our store where we design made to order apparel tailored for your fashion needs! Our clients are sure to stand out with our unique fashion made to fit your measurements. Are you ready to make a statement with our designs that you truly won't find anywhere else? You can check out what's hot on our site and/or book a consultation with us and we will work alongside you to create the outfit of your dreams!

Please book or order in advance as all of our pieces are made to order.

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About Daria Mason

Owner and Creative Director

Daria Mason is a Los Angeles-based fashion designer who has designed and constructed every piece that you see in DM Collections.  She makes everything in her room which she turned into a sewing studio/ art space. She has over 12 years of experience in sewing and design and is very passionate about what she does. Daria's goal is to empower, uplift, and inspire individuals through her exclusive apparel.

Here's Her Story

DM Collections was founded by creative director and fashion designer, Daria Mason. Daria was born in Gainesville, Florida on October 24, 1997. When she was young, she moved to Los Angeles, California with her parents. From as young as two years old, Daria's parents could already see that she had an interest in fashion as she already favored clothing over toys on her 2nd birthday. As a young child, Daria would go to Michaels arts and craft store with her parents and would always gravitate towards the sewing isle. When she would ask for a sewing machine, her parents told her she was too young. In 8th grade, she began to take more of an interest in future goals, careers, and what she should do in the future. Her parents reminded her of her interest in fashion as a young child and she asked them for a sketchbook. This was the start of her career pursuits. She wrote a research paper for her 8th grade yearbook class on the different careers as a fashion designer and continued her research later on. In 9th grade, Daria took her first sewing class at school and her parents bought her her first sewing machine. She then went on to take a few more sewing classes at JoAnn arts and crafts store throughout her 10th grade year. These classes gave her the foundation and confidence to design clothing on her own. Through trial, error and consistency, Daria got better at construction with time and her pieces became more tailored and clean. In 12th grade, Daria took two more sewing classes at the Southern California Regional Occupational Center where she advanced in clothing construction and became comfortable sewing on an industrial machine. In addition, she won the scholarship in her program for best fashion design student. Months before she graduated high school, Daria took a leap of faith and applied for Project Runway Junior season 1. Though, she did not make it on to the show, she made it to the semifinals (last step before being on the show). Daria graduated high school in 2015 and went to college to study fashion design. Her parents bought her two new machines; an overlock machine and an industrial sewing machine. She has taken part in several fashion shows, joined her college's fashion club, and attended many networking events. She has also designed for three music videos and has taken many private client orders ranging from prom dress designing to a comfortable pair of shorts. Throughout college, she taught after school fashion classes to elementary school students; which she saw as her way of giving back. As of today, Daria currently has her Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Fashion Design. She is currently working towards furthering the development of her brand, teaching private sewing lessons to clients, potentially selling to buyers and is hoping to open her own brick and mortar stores in the future. Her goals outside of her personal brand are to work on a design team and become a Creative Director for a high fashion brand.

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